Louise Bernier, Contributor

Procurement Challenges

Financial Administration Act (FAA) and Federal Accountability Act ensure that all procurement are made

Canadian Challenges

with transparency, fairness and allows for free concurrence. Those acts have a huge impact on the solutions and resources acquired because before been able to purchase any solution, the organization need to go through a bibbing process where the companies proposing the solution at the lowest price will win. The impacts of this process on the organization are:
  • Proposed solution is not necessary the best but the cheapest
  • Resources hires through that contract are not necessary well paid so there is a huge turn around, loss of knowledge and waste of productivity
  • Proposed solution is often not compatible with in-house solution, so integration of solution is often not possible with legacy systems
  • Procurement process takes a long time. To buy a solution of more than $2M department needs approval from Treasury Board Secretariat which usually takes 2 years. For procurement between $5K to $ 2M and it can take 6 to 12 months depending on the department.
  • Evaluation of bids takes a long time and companies can slow down the process if they believe that it they have been treated unfairly during the solicitation, evaluation of bids or awarding of contracts, they may file a complaint with the Tribunal (CITT challenges) for $5.00. Please refer to link
  • For cost savings, the government of Canada established the Shared Services initiatives where all organizations have to use the same solution causing lots of issues since the solution often does not answer all the organization’s specific needs.

Employee Challenges Edit

Public Service Employment Act and collective agreementEdit

Managing employees in the Canadian Public service environment is challenging because of the PSEA act and all the collective agreements protecting the employees. It’s a good that employees are protected by an act or collective agreement, but it’s almost impossible for managers to fire or discipline incompetent employees. Other challenges are as follow:

  • Can’t provide monetary awards or incentives
  • Aging workforce averse to change
  • Staff freeze can’t hire any expertise from outside government employees

Implementation on Large OrganizationEdit

Any implementation of new technologies or solution needs to be tested for integration and impact on the existing solution. It could take years in testing before been able to implement the solution. i.e changing workstation OS at DND can take more than 2 years of testing (4000 applications, 100K workstations, etc.) Integration with legacy solutions is difficult because of so many different obsolete technologies due to the procurement mechanism. Really low success rate for the implementation of large or very large project in Canadian government made Treasure Board Secratariat to implement stricter project control. deliverable and monitor report which take longer and cost a lot more to implement

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