Allain Lauzon, contributor


Business Drivers

Organizations are faced with many challenges as they search for the “silver bullet” to resolve their information management challenges. In particular, the current economic, demographic, labour market and technology landscape are driving forces for organizations to adopt new information management approaches, practices and solutions.

An organization’s bottom line is more important than ever before given the current recessionary period, both domestically and internationally. Organizations are poised to explore and adopt new ways to increase workers’ productivity while reducing operating costs.

The availability of, and accessibility to corporate information assets are essential to help increase workers’ productivity in the work place. Historically, information was fractionated giving way to silos or pockets of information scattered across different areas of the organization. The advent of email, for example, has perpetuated this problem as it is increasingly used in ways for which it was never designed, namely collaboration. Therefore, organizations have a need to centralize their corporate information assets to avoid duplication and to save money.

From a demographic perspective, the baby boomer generation is retiring and organizations are faced with an increasing challenge of retaining, exchanging and communicating valuable corporate memory to new staff.

As information and knowledge continues to grow, so does the organizations’ need to preserve and better communicate its value to its prospective consumers. From a labour market perspective, organizations recognize that strong communication practices increases their likelihood to attract and retain talent.

Technology now, more than ever before, inadvertently is also a driving business need factor. For example, employees who adopt various technologies at home, expect access to them in their workplace. Organizations’ business needs must now also take into consideration its users’ expectations and experiences as it explores possible solutions.

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